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At Christine Tullius Landscape Design a well-designed garden balances the contrast between formality and nature by combining clearly defined shapes with softer vegetation to create landscapes with naturalistic silhouettes.  Grasping the importance of the "genius loci"  (spirit of place) with a thoughtful composition, the garden becomes an outdoor

room filled with nature and year-long appeal.

Christine became interested in landscape design when she was living in Berlin, Germany.  During her 10 year stay, she witnessed the transformation of a city where landscape design played a critical role in resolving functional and spatial problems in the newly reunified metropolis. 

Christine earned her Certificate in Landscape Design from the acclaimed Landscape Institute in 2017.  Her formal training at the Boston Architectural College focused on horticulture, sustainable landscape design, landscape history and construction management.  She expanded her horticultural knowledge working at Weston Nurseries, delving deeper into native plant communities, and the plethora of woody shrubs and herbaceous plants.  Prior to her work as a landscape designer, Christine worked as an art consultant, an experience that trained her eye in the use of form, texture, color and spatial composition.  These key elements are

reflected in the landscape compositions she creates today. 


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