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Jamaica Plain Residence

In a stately area of Jamaica Plain, this historic home built, in 1910, underwent a careful renovation inside and out. 

The crumbling concrete path leading to the entrance was replaced using reclaimed bricks in a herringbone pattern while a new path from the driveway to the front door was added for easy accessibility.  The shady frontage was revitalized with Hostas, Astilbes, native ferns, and evergreen Azaleas. 

Additional plants were added along the fence, replacing dead shrubs and weed-infested spots. Conveniently located off the kitchen, the dilapidated wooden porch in the back garden was replaced with a luxurious limestone patio and grill area. To enclose this family gathering spot, shrubs and perennial beds were strategically planted.  To preserve the pristine lawn, irregular stepping stones were placed within the grass for easy access to the shed and side yard. 


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