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Arlington Residence

In this renovated home near Alewife Brook Reservation, the owner envisioned an inviting outdoor space.

Unfortunately, the backyard was covered in asphalt, the driveway needed repair and the front of the house lacked appeal with its tiny plant bed. With an eco-friendly focus, the owner sought a permeable landscape and abundant greenery. A comprehensive plan created two distinct backyard spaces—one for dining and another for relaxation. The Asphalt was removed throughout the property and New England pea stone was used for the driveway. 

Salvaged cobblestones craft a beautiful hardscape edge. The front bed was expanded, featuring boulders, perennials, and a dwarf birch tree that anchors the space. Reclaimed irregular flagstones were carefully positioned in the backyard, leaving space for thyme to grow between them. Pear trees, previously planted along the fence, provide privacy. Native plants border the edges, with curved, cut-stone sitting walls, enclosing the lounge area. A dogwood tree welcomes visitors from the driveway, while a Hawthorne tree promises multi-season beauty. 


Cambridge Residence

This multi-level home in the middle of Cambridge lacked a thriving front yard and proper circulation to the frequently used driveway.  The owners wanted to remove the grass and transform their space into a low-maintenance garden, while creating a new path to the driveway. Carefully curated plants with a limited variety of foliage, height and bloom were used to accommodate the smaller spaces.

The finite plant selection creates a harmonious balance and rhythm of texture and color.  The enticing fragrance of the rose shrubs create an inviting ambiance for the owners and their guests at arrival and departure. 

The new path, constructed with charming irregular stepping stones set in pea stone, lead directly to the front door path.  Every step taken is adorned with the beauty and smell of nature. 


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